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Need scouting badly -_-

3/25/14 by TheDeathMeister

Can somebody scout me please :3

and BTW new artowork xD




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People don't get unscouted for being offline/away/inactive for too long. Either the mods didn't like your art (or you) or the person that scouted you was unscouted.

Unscouted art is visible here: there really is no huge advantage to being scouted.

If you just want more views/reviews, make a thread in the art forum, take part in collabs, or respond to requests posted in the art & collab forums or the collabinator.

Good luck.

3/27/14 TheDeathMeister responds:

Thanks for the heads up bro really helped me ^_^



why exactly do you 'need' to be scouted?

3/26/14 TheDeathMeister responds:

For my arts to be able to be seen on the art page



Don't ask to be scouted.

3/26/14 TheDeathMeister responds:

Got unscouted because of being offline too long xD because of school and crappy schedule